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Inaugural Chinthurst Alumni Reunion


On Thursday, parents, whose children have already moved on from Chinthurst, gathered at The Blue Ball pub for the first Chinthurst Alumni event. Despite the particularly cold weather, it was lovely to see parents who used to meet at the school gates, coming together again. 

The Blue Ball pub provided a cozy setting, adorned with Christmas decorations and a roaring fire, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Headteacher, Miss Trundle, together with Year 6 teachers, Mr. Beadle and Mr. MacWilliams and Tracey Thornton from the RGS Foundation, greeted parents as they arrived. The RGS Foundation supplied drinks for the evening, contributing to the friendly and relaxed vibe.  

Parents took the opportunity to catch up on their children’s lives, sharing stories and updates. It was a great chance to hear about the children’s latest endeavours, whether at RGS or other schools and marvel at how much they’ve grown. There was lots of positive feedback for the inaugural alumni gathering, and genuine enthusiasm for more events for the whole family. Planning is already afoot! 

The connections made and the shared memories underscored the lasting impact of the Chinthurst experience. The RGS Foundation recognises the importance of supporting the RGS family of schools in developing and retaining strong community ties and is looking forward to supporting Chinthurst in their future events and projects. This inaugural event further highlighted the strong sense of community at Chinthurst. The comfortable setting, familiar faces and ease of conversation made it a truly delightful evening. 

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