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A Christmas Swish for 2023!

In 2025RGS will celebrate its 350 anniversary, a significant milestone that provides us the opportunity to look ahead to the next 350 yearsSubsequently, we have launched decade of philanthropic celebration in partnership with our Reigatian community aimed at securing sustainable and ambitious futureThrough our new Changing Lives, Building Futures campaign we aim to establish a legacy that our community can take pride in for generations to come.  As part of this 10 year pledge, we will be taking on a wide range of projects to raise awareness, support and fundraise for various causes including our own Changing Lives Building Futures campaign.  

With the winter season upon us and Christmas just weeks away, it was time for the much anticipated annual RGS Swishing Event, ‘A Christmas Swish’! The aim of the event is to address and tackle the issues surrounding fast fashion, where huge quantities of clothes are manufactured and sold to meet the ever-increasing demand for new and trendy clothes. In the weeks leading up to the event, preloved clothes were collected by members of the Eco Committee from drop boxes around the school. On the evening, tokens were allocated and those who donated were able to exchange their tokens for ‘new’ items of clothing. The principles of swishing adopt a ‘slower’ approach to fashion by reducing waste and encouraging a more sustainable way to shop.

The event was opened by Hannah Statham (RGS ’99) who provided a fascinating insight into the world of sustainable fashion. She addressed some of the most pressing issues caused by the fashion industry, and the ways in which we can use our privileges to address the crisis, both individually and in the wider community.

Much of the Autumn term was spent planning this fantastic event, as part of the RGS Earthshot Lecture Series, and a total of 370 preloved items of clothing were donated. Sixth Form students, teachers and parents were invited to enjoy the beginning of the most wonderful time of the year whilst simultaneously addressing the growing issue of fast fashion. A team of 30 sixth form students demonstrated leadership and teamwork by volunteering to help in a multitude of ways- from setting up clothing rails to modelling on our very own catwalk. The thrill of finding new items was accompanied by live music as performed by the brilliant Fourth Form band, ‘El Sin Nombre’. Reusable shopping bags, designed by a 2nd form student, were also sold on the evening, with all proceeds being donated to support the phenomenal work of a local conservation charity. In keeping with the Spirit of Christmas, the few remaining clothes at the end of the evening were donated to charity shops to support the local community.

We want to thank everyone to made this event possible and for supporting our 350 campaign.

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