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No room at the Inn (The Hatch) 2023

What a spectacular evening of festivities we had on Thursday 14 December at The Hatch.  We had the most amazing turn out of our amazing Reigatian community. From far and wide, people came down to share in a festive drink and take part in our ‘Advent Calendar Lucky Dip’ where a variety of prizes could be won if a lucky bauble was selected. Prizes ranged from bottles of wine, to RGS merchandise, a mini keg from Pilgrim Brewery or a bottle of champagne. Congratulations to all of our winners! Jonny Hylton (RGS ’99) welcomed everyone and spoke of the importance of community during this festive time. The Polyphony, led by Tali Glynne-Jones, sang a selection of Christmas carol classics in the courtyard of the pub, accompanied by the RGS brass band. There was even a flurry of snowfall as the singers, along with our Reigatians, joined together in harmony.

A huge thanks go out to Adrian Rothera (RGS ’84 and RGS parent), Rory Fry-Stone (RGS Parent),  for letting us take over (quite literally) their venue which looked festive with fairy lights, Christmas tree and roaring (digital) fireplace. A big thanks also go out to Tiger Fry-Stone (RGS ’18) and all the staff at The Hatch, who were on hand to provide a warm welcome and festive drink to our community. We also want to thank the music department and our Polyphony for a beautiful selection of Christmas classics such as ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ and ‘O Come all Ye Faithful’.

The venue was packed, the atmosphere was electric, it was festive and fun and we couldn’t think of a better way to end the year and toast in the Christmas season. For pictures of the event, click here.

A very Merry Christmas to all of our Reigatians, far and wide.

From us all in RGS Foundation, Jonny, Cath, Tracey, Clare and Jodie

We look forward to seeing you all in 2024.


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