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Nightingale Fund


Supporting the NHS through the Nightingale Fund: update

As a school, we have been honoured to support our NHS key workers and wider community through the #RGSWeCare initiative, however, we wanted to go further. As such, in August 2020, Reigate Grammar School launched the Nightingale Fund to recognise the outstanding work of front-line staff in the NHS, care homes and the emergency services. We did this by prioritising 10 assisted places (bursaries) specifically for the children of critical workers.

Since it’s launch, we have raised over £200,000 for the Nightingale Fund, thanks to the incredible generosity of the Reigatian community. As a result, four Nightingale Scholars began their life-changing journeys at RGS in September 2021.

The Nightingale Fund supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds by:

  • Providing bursaries to the children of essential key workers (NHS Scholars) at various entry points throughout the school;
  • Providing bursaries in our Sixth Form for children from disadvantaged backgrounds who specifically wish to follow A Level courses to access Medicine and related studies at university – nurturing the next generation of NHS Heroes.


Reigate Grammar School is prioritising 10 assisted places (bursaries) specifically for the children of health workers.

We wish to raise awareness of this commitment and ask members of our community to help spread the word.


“Our school, and its global community, recognises the outstanding contribution that NHS key workers make to the health and wellbeing of the British people, particularly at the height of the national crisis. We are in awe of their commitment, passion and bravery as they continue to protect and care for us all from their pivotal position on the front line.”
Shaun Fenton, Reigate Grammar School Headmaster


The 10 Nightingale Scholar places are reserved for the children of parents who work in low-paid roles within the NHS and care sectors, including nurses, paramedics, porters, and cleaners.

Mr Fenton adds, “The Covid-19 crisis reminded us that there are a whole host of professionals who keep hospitals and the wider health community running. These are the parents who we hope will be inspired to apply for a place for their child on our Nightingale Fund programme.’

For more information please email:


Developing the medics of the future

Did you know that last year there were over 108,000 unfilled posts in the NHS? Access is so difficult for people from disadvantaged backgrounds. To discover and nurture the NHS medics of the future, the Nightingale Fund supports students wishing to pursue medical careers.

Over 25% of RGS students go on to study Medicine or related STEM-based courses at university. And RGS already has a strong reputation in this field with 100 percent of applicants accessing first-choice places at medical school in recent years. We want children from disadvantaged backgrounds to be able to access these courses, too.


“We all recognise the value and importance of our NHS. We also appreciate that not every child has the opportunity to realise their dreams. This fund allows children from disadvantaged backgrounds to access a world-class education and fulfil their ambition to follow a medical pathway. We need our special community to help us to nurture the NHS heroes of the future.”
Sean Davey, Head of Foundation


For more information on how you can support this important initiative, please contact:


The broad education and resilience developed at RGS gave me a firm foundation for the challenges of working life.

Sir Peter Gershon (RGS 1958-1966)

I promise to make the most of the opportunities available to me, because I’m constantly reminded of the journey which has brought me here and realise that it began with the gift of an RGS education.

Karolina Csathy (RGS 2008-2015)

I am confident that together the Reigatian community will make a huge difference to the lives of many deserving children.

David Walliams (RGS 1981-1989)