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RGS Foundation Team Ran Reigate!

Well done and thank you to all members of the RGS Team that competed, cheered and supported at the excellent Run Reigate event on Sunday 17 September 2017.

This year, Team RGS had 18 runners (all with varying degrees of training completed!) taking part in this popular community event. Two individuals that stood out head and shoulders above the rest were Oscar S (current RGS pupil) who finished the 10km in second place with an astonishing time of 34:28 and George Roux (’07) who flew round the Half Marathon in a breezy 1:20:41.

One of the best stories of the day came from one of our runners, Vanessa Ramsden (Assistant Head of Fourth Year and Geography). Like most, Vanessa needed some motivation heading up the very last hill on the course and this came from none other than Double Olympic Champion Dame Kelly Holmes! For 2-3 minutes, Kelly accompanied Vannesa up the gruelling last climb giving her tips on her breathing and what to do next as the gradient became steeper. On reaching the summit, Dame Kelly passed on her congratulations, swiftly turned on her heels and went it did it all over again with the next group! Vanessa with a spring in her step, from receiving a personal coaching session from one of the most famous sportswomen on the planet, glided the last kilometre and finished with a beaming smile.

It is not too late to sponsor one of our runners, we are so close to reaching our £3000 target in aid of the Changing Lives campaign. If you would like to donate and leave a personal message of congratulations then you can do so by CLICKING HERE





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